Vision – دورنما

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Qatra qatra, daryaa mesha!                                     قطره قطره دریا میشود

“Drop by drop, a river is made.” ~Afghan Proverb

Afghanistan Vision Network is not a single organization. It’s a hub for groups and individuals working toward a positive, shared vision for Afghanistan.  Alone we cannot do much.  But with each of our “drops,” perhaps we can make a river of Vision, moving toward the future we want to see and create.

Eٍxtremist ideology, instability, exclusionary deal-making, and uncertainty pose enormous risks to the country’s future. The stakes are high. The sacrifices have been great. But so are the reasons for hope, and chief among them is the extraordinary potential represented by Afghanistan’s new generation of leaders.

This is the time for citizens to dream, to unify, and to act – not against our governments but FOR a vision we believe in, urging our governments to understand and move as well. We all have a stake in an Afghanistan free of the strangle-hold of extremism and corruption.

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