APT’s vision for Afghanistan: Tolerance, Openness, Respect

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May 21, 2013 by civilvision

“I have always believed that it has to be Afghans who build their country. No one else can do this! It is 100% our own responsibility. There are two questions: what to build and how to build it. When I look at my country’s history, I see that we have torn Afghanistan into regions and Afghans into tribes, languages, and religions. This has caused war, and war has further divided us and taken away that which we ought to value: love and peace. I believe that if we are to build a beautiful Afghanistan, we need to build tolerant, respectful, open minds and hearts. Tolerance will end war. Respect will foster love. Openess will encourage creativity. All of these three elements together will guarantee peace. Peace will guarantee sustainable development.” -Aref Dostyar, Executive Director, Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT)

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